Fratax : l ' agenda des soirees et des concerts


The Low Tech Heroes are now landing on earth and these three aliens don't even share the lightest common background !!!

Jacq Flyer is the band' s explorer since he once lived in Indonesia, Brazil......

From these former experiences he has brought back various sounds and colours, and last but not least he knows every possible electrokamasutra trick.

Jay Zorg is the shaman of sound. He compiles textures, layers and frequencies. He's also a downright soundfreak and has recently designed the FRATAX. He'd almost sell his iguana to lay his hands on the ultimate sinuso?dal wave generator.

Roy M? is the space groover. He has been spotted in various clandestine open air raves in Belgium and England (and on Mars). He was granted the "human bassline" nickname by his followmen because of his endless vocal imitations and interventions.

After meeting -first in a Berliner sound-system and then again in Amsterdam's red light district!- Jay and Roy decided to embark on a proto-industrial-narco-blues crusade together.

They came across Jacq who was then on the rampage with an electropunk combo and signed him at once.

They share a common passion for mutant grooves, ecstatic beats and panini stickers. After their countless hits on Beta Pictoris their frequency is now released down here by Nova Zembla and will undoubtedly shatter more than a few earthlings.

Since february 1997 Jacq Flyer is no more with Low Tech Heroes.

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